June 28, 2009


Most spots can be cleaned if washed immediately.but some handy home prescription for most common and stubborn everyday stains.
TEA-COFFEE-Boiling water for fresh stains,warm water and borex for old coffee stains
GHEE-CREAM-BUTTER--Cover with talcum powder/chalk.place between blotting paper and iron.
EGG-MEAT-Soak in cold water and salt.wash with soap.
CURRY-TURMERIC--Rup in soap water and dry in bright sunlight
PAAN--Curd or lime .Rup and wash,
PAINT-Wash cold water
OIL&GREASE--Mix 4 part of alcohol with one part ammonia/ether.Rup with a sponge and rinse-out.or use cotton wool dipper in methylated spirit.
MILK-Wash warm water.
LIPSTICK--Rup with glycerine/petroleum jelly and wash
INK--Soak in milk /curd /lemon juice for half an hour and wash while wet,
BALLPOINT INK/INDELIBLE PENCIL--Place stained part over blotting paper and swab with methylated spirit or eau de cologne
FRUIT--Soak in borax mixed with warm water .rinse and dry
DYE--Treat with solution of ammonia and methylated spirit in equal proportions.
CHOCOLATE--Washing powder/detergents and cold water.
BEVERAGES--Wash warm water.
BLOOD--wash immediately and soak salt soap in a warm/hot water and wash and rinse.(salt soap-yellow colour soap)
RUST--Soak garment in strained water from boiled rice,for an hour .repeat if necessary.

Most stains respond to rup with soap,cover with chalk,leave to dry in the sun .Repeat if necessary.Rup salt and lime juice and wash.
Rup a paste of vinegar and multani mitti(Fullers earth) on the stain .after it is dry ,remove with a wet cloth.

Before removing stains from expensive garments .Check with a professional cleaner or good dry cleaner.
This is only guideline for simple home garments.Daily wear garments.
HANDWASH-Do check all garments for colour -fastness,Handful of salt or tablespoon of vinegar in half a bucket of water prevents colours from running.
Few minutes soaking helps to loosen dirt and ease washing .A soft plastic brush is ideal for scrubbing collars and cuffs.
Soak the white colour garments separately ,do not mix colour -garments.
MACHINE WASH--Do check garments label to ensure that it can be machine-washed ,It is not advisable to machine -wash ,woolen,suits,and jackets,and Saree's.Make sure the detergent has dissolved completely before immersing your cloths .Do follow your washing machine instructions carefully.
Remember that cottons are hardier-but blender /woolen fabric need gentle handing.
DRYOUT--Do make sure that coloured clothes are turned inside-out.and then dried in the shade.Remember that blended fabrics should be dried away from artificial heat.Do use hangers to drip dry blended garments.This is an ideal way to remove ordinary creases and speed-up the drying process.
STORE --Do ensure that woolen garments are completely clean before storing them away.Sun them before storing.Scatter mothballs,neem leaves,tobacco leaves.tied up in a small muslin bags,between and around woolens.Even dried red chillis effectively keep insects and moths away.Do not store woolens that dirty,Dirt attracts insects and food stains ask to be nibbled away,Moisture causes mildew.so sundry very well,and store.

DRY CLEAN-Do dryclean suit,coats,trousers and blazers.Empty out all pockets and sew-up ripped seams before gining your clothes to the cleaner.Do point out stains and spots and ask the cleaner for his guidance.

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