December 19, 2009

Amaranth poriyal

Amaranth poriyal
keerai poreal

1 fresh Amaranth medium bunch
(or any green leafy (spinach,ponnanganni,mathi ,drum stick leaves,etc)
2 onions or 5 - 10 small onions
1 red chilli whole
1/4 tsp mustard seeds
1/4 tsp urad dal
2 -3 tsp fresh coconuts
few curry leaves (optional)
Til oil 1 tsp (GINGERLY OIL)
salt to taste

  • Clean and wash the green Levey and cut very small pieces
  • chop the onion very small pieces
  • heat a pan in a oil add the mustard seeds when they cracked add the urad dal and broken the red chilli and add to it ,now add a pinch of salt and add onions and curry leaves ,fry for few minutes .
  • now add the chopped green leaves(squeezing very well ,little water is enough,because the Levey vegetable is let out of water) .keep on simmer for few minutes .
  • when half cooked add salt and close the lid and cooked for few minutes do not over cooked.
  • when it waterlily keep for another few minutes and remove from fire .
  • garnish with fresh coconut serve with rice,

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